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Who doesn’t like gift cards, that too if you could earn it for FREE? If you’re a crazy online shopper, and a vivid amazon customer looking for gift cards to reduce your spending, without losing the joy of shopping- here are 4 easy ways to earn Amazon Gift Cards!

Try visiting all these five sites that can help you to earn and accumulate Amazon gift cards for free!

#1. Enter a sweepstakes

Online sweepstakes are fun! Even if there is no assurance that you could win, the feel of entering a chance to check your luck can be exciting!

#2. Take surveys

PaidSurveyResearch allows you to collect rewards including Amazon gift cards by participating in surveys. You could create an account and participate in simple surveys and redeem gift cards as much as you could.


#3.Advertise on your car

Stickr.co is an advertisement company that lets you earn cash and gift cards by placing a brand decal on the back window of your car. If you loving driving, just sign up at their site and earn rewards at ease!

#4.Voice out your opinion

If you’re good at reviewing the products and voicing out your opinion, you got a chance to win a maximum number of Amazon gift cards. Whether you’re on the go or at work, MakeSurveyMoney provides you the platform to take part in surveys to earn cash, gift cards, and coupons.

How To Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card Code?

Once you’ve earned your Amazon gift cards, just do the following:

  • Login to Amazon.com and then go to the ‘Redeem a Gift Card’ option
  • On the gift card redemption page, enter your gift card claim code that you have received from the above sites
  • Hit the ‘Apply to your balance’ button, and the gift card will be added to your ‘Current Gift Card Balance’. Simple!

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