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Need a credit card and have bad credit? There are still credit card options for you! Here are the 5 best credit cards for bad credit. Credit cards for bad credit help people rebuild credit and improve the score. These credit cards do not offer great rewards and exclusive perks. Depending on your credit situation, there are a variety of credit cards available for you. Even though you have less than perfect credit, poor credit, limited credit you may qualify for credit products. The only matter is you should be a U.S resident and over the age of 18.

5 Best Credit Cards For Bad Credit

Evolve CPC

  • Designed specifically for people with bad or no credit, Evolve gives you the freedom to purchase the things you need!
  • Get up to a $1,000.00 Credit Line.
  • Your Approval is Guaranteed!*
  • 0% financing when you purchase popular brand-name products exclusively at our online store.
  • No Monthly Fee!
  • The Evolve Card membership is designed for people with little to no credit.
  • No application is denied for bad or limited credit history.

Group One Platinum

  • Get approved in seconds with our simple online credit application.
  • Guaranteed $500 credit line with Group One Platinum.
  • 0% interest fee.
  • Bad credit, no credit? No problem!
  • Reports to major credit bureaus.
  • No employment or credit check.
  • Member benefits include 24/7 Roadside assistance, legal assistance, and a discount prescription plan.

Matchyourcredit.com – Credit Cards that fit your credit!

Matchyourcredit.com matches you with the best credit cards for your credit. Depending on your credit situation, there are a variety of credit cards available for you.

  •  Compare secured credit card offers and match your credit.
    Find the right card with the lowest fees, lowest deposit requirement, and highest approval.
  • Bad credit, no credit? No problem!
  •  Less than perfect credit, poor credit, or limited credit may qualify for credit products!

OurComparisons.com – Best Secured Credit Cards


If you have bad credit, secured credit cards are the best option for you. Secured credit cards mostly provide you with guaranteed approval. Secured credit cards also report information to the major credit bureaus every month, just like unsecured cards. And they’re much cheaper than unsecured credit cards for bad credit.

  • Credit lines available from $200 to $5,000!
  • No minimum credit score requirements!
  • All credit types can apply and there are no processing or application fees for selected credit cards.
  • Reporting to All Three National Credit Bureaus.
  • Raise your credit score with responsible card use.

Advance Platinum


Bad credit? No problem. Advance Platinum is the best credit card option!  Advance Platinum provides you coupons, offers, special deals, and everything to save money.


If you are struggling with bad credit, dont worry. The above cards will help you regain your credit. No application will be denied for bad credit. All the above credit cards have got hassle-free application process, which means you get instant approval. Why wait? Apply for the cards and start building your credit.

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