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Have you been planning for a big purchase lately? What’s is the one thing you wanted to buy? Is it a new car? A used car? A laptop? Expensive dress or shoes? A new phone? Or are you planning for a  must-needed vacation?

Whatever might be your next big purchase, you must start saving for it now! The sooner you act, the faster you will get what you want.

Here are 5 money-saving tips!

#1. Smart Shop With Smarty Plus

If you are a shopaholic who never gets tired of spending money on your small purchases that add ups to a huge list, join Smarty.com now! Smarty plus is a shopping website that will automatically search for the best promo codes to apply to your cart at over 10,000 stores. You can get $15 cash back on your first purchases and 10% cash back with double rewards on all your future purchases with Smarty Plus. Join Smarty Plus!

#2. Save Money On Your Prescription

If you have been spending money on medication for yourself or your family members, here is some news! You can now save up to 80% with Rx Saving Card! Visit QualityHealth.com and register for the SharecareRx Prescription Discount card to become a preferred member, by which you could unlock savings on thousands of prescriptions at pharmacies nationwide. Register now!

#3. Save Or Spend Unclaimed Money Available In Your Name

Do you know that there is $30 Billion available as “unclaimed money”? This unclaimed money could be your unclaimed wages, security deposits, unclaimed bank account balances, tax refunds, forgotten checks, etc., Yes! That money could be yours! Visit go.thehomemoneyguide.com to find and claim

#4. Win Gift Cards To Spend For Your Small  purchase

A small saving can be a big deal!  Get a chance to win a $250 Walmart gift card today, by entering win.rewardsadvisor.com! Enter your details to get started. Ensure that you are providing the correct email address to avoid missing out on the gift card dropping in your inbox. Click to enter!

#5. Earn Gift Cards To Save Money

Let brands know what you are thinking! Start earning free Target, PayPal, Visa, Amazon, and Starbucks gift cards to use for all your purchases just by sharing your opinion about certain products from top brands. Sign up at swagbucks.com, tell about yourself, start earning SB points, and redeem free gift cards by giving your honest answer. Start Earning!

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