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Since the hit of the Coronavirus, the number of poor people has grown by eight million since May and fallen by four million as a result of the $2 trillion emergency package known as the Cares Act as per the New York Times. Now, The CARES Act benefits have expired and people are struggling with their bills, paying their rent, and putting food on the table. 

The Unemployment Rates Keep Surging Paving the Way To Poverty

COVID-19 left millions of Americans jobless and the unemployed Americans are falling prey to poverty. Unemployment Claims remain elevated as more than 25 million jobless Americans have gone five weeks without the $600 weekly federal unemployment supplement.

If you are unemployed you should immediately look to file for unemployment. Although the economy has recovered somewhat, many average people are still suffering and unemployment benefits can help you deal with your finances. 

Interested In Stimulus Money and Improving Your Financial Situation?

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