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CreditSoup is an online financial website that will assist you in connecting you to lenders that can fulfill your financial needs. This website has developed programs including Free Credit Score, Credit Card Finder, and Loan Finder to help the customers navigate the various credit products and learn more about their credit. Credit choice made simple!

How does it work?

  • For any financial need or credit score checking, you’re supposed to create an account at creditsoup.com
  • Create an account by entering your name and valid email address
  • Provide your personal information including address, date of birth, and last 4 digits of Social Security Number
  • Finally, submit the form to use the following tools without impacting your credit score.

How CreditSoup can be your financial assistant?


Get your free credit score and make all the right money moves!



CreditSoup will strategically select the best credit cards and loans for you based on your Free Credit Score!


Compare credit cards and loans from the best lenders. CreditSoup’s free credit card & loan comparison tool can match you based on your credit profile.


CreditSoup has been providing customers with tools to track and improve credit since 2000. Their programs such as Free Credit Score, Credit Card Match, and Loan Match helps the customers to find different credit products and learn more about their credit. Plus, CreditSoup offers advice to help you with your credit scores!

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