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MyLawsuitHelp.com will provide help if you get injured or became ill as a result of your work. The Workers’ compensation protects employers and their employees from financial hardship when there are unfortunate circumstances that happen at work such as being injured on the job or become ill as a result of the work.

If you are harmed in a workplace accident, there are four types of workers’ compensation benefits you could be owed: income benefits, medical benefits, burial benefits, and death benefits if your family member died from their injuries.

What are the benefits of workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation aims to first create safer workplaces and both benefit the employer and employees.

The list benefits:

  • Pays for medical care and lost wages for workers who are injured on the job
  • Treat and reward injured staff as soon as possible, and minimize litigation costs.
  • When an employee seeks assistance in a workers’ compensation claim, they waive their right to sue the company for negligence.
  • Workers’ compensation, as a company owner, decreases the chance of a crippling financial loss
  • Employees will obtain financial compensation if they are injured while performing their daily work duties

There are four types of workers’ compensation benefits:

  1. Income benefits replace some of the money you lost because of your work-related injury or illness. (except for impairment income benefits). Types of income benefits include:
  2. Medical benefits pay for reasonable and necessary medical care to treat your work-related injury or illness.
  3. Burial benefits pay for some of an employee’s funeral expenses to the person who paid those expenses.
  4. Death benefits help families replace some of the money lost when an employee dies because of a work-related injury or illness.

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