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Difficult to find unclaimed money from the government? Every year states receive lost and unclaimed money, property, or other assets, and Cash Search USA helps them find the rightful owners. So, find your missing money and unclaimed funds floating around in the United States with the help of Cash Search USA.

What Are Unclaimed Assets? 

Unclaimed assets can consist of anything earned from employment, any financial stocks in your name, any money that you inherited from relatives, or any overpaid bills in which you are entitled to receive the extra balance. States, federal agencies, and other organizations hold more than 35 billion in unclaimed cash and assets! You may be eligible to claim some of these assets before they are gone!

About Cash Search USA:

Car Search USA is not affiliated with the United States Government and is a privately operated website. This acts as an informational portal for funding assistance. And you are not required to participate in the offers in order to obtain unclaimed asset information. If you decide to purchase products or services from their advertiser, you may incur associated charges.

How does Cash Search work?

Cash Search USA has gathered multiple state and government resource sites that can help you possibly find unclaimed money. During your registration process, you will also able to view special offers.

Complete Basic information:

  • Go to the website and find an online registration form.
  • To get started, enter your email address.
  • Tell your personal information like first name, last name, address, zip code, phone number, and submit.

View special offers:

After submit, you will be taken through a series of great offers selected specifically for you.

View unclaimed money resources:

  • Cash Search USA provides you with multiple federal and state resources. So, you can learn about how you may legally obtain and unclaimed assets that may belong to you.
  • If a business, government office or other sources owes you money that you don’t collect, it is considered unclaimed.


Undelivered and unclaimed federal tax refund checks:

  • Every year the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has millions of dollars in tax refunds that go undelivered and unclaimed.
  • Refunds checks are mailed to your last know address. If you move without notifying the IRS or the U.S Portal Service (USPS), your refund check may be returned to the IRS.

What to Expect?

Conduct your free search for Safe deposit boxes, Bank accounts & escrow accounts, Stocks and Bonds, Insurance policies, Trust funds and dividends, CDs and mutual funds, Uncashed checks, Utility bills & tax refunds, and Wages. If you get a result, claim the property and fill out the requested details.



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