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Everyone wants to save money in several ways. If you want to save money on prescription, you can just join Kroger RX Savings Club. Here, you can save up to 85% on prescriptions with membership. The Kroger RX Savings Club  owned by GoodRX, users can save from the pharmacy’s usual and customary price, as calculated on projected claim volume. So, don’t spend too much money on drugs and prescriptions. Join the club now and get the benefits.

About Kroger RX Savings Club:

The Kroger RX Savings Club is a membership program that offers reduced pricing on thousands of prescription medications. You must enroll in the program to have access to the low prices, and it’s open to patients who are insured, underinsured, and uninsured. The membership can be used at any of these Kroger RX Savings Club.

You can see Kroger RX Savings Club savings for common drugs:

Drug Name:                                            Savings Club Price

Sertraline                                             Free (save 100%)

Atorrastatin                                         $6.00 (save up to92%)

Escitaloprana                                      $3.00 (save up to95%)

Omeprazole                                        $3.00 (save up to95%)

Losartan                                              $300 (save up to92%)


Join the club for access to exclusive prices:

  • Here, you can get 100+ common prescriptions for free, $3, or $6. Plus, save on 1000+ generic prescriptions.
  • For individual membership just $36 per year. And for a family plan (up to 6 people, including pets) is only $72 annually.
  • Take 2 minutes and you can start saving with your membership now.

Average annual savings:

Individual Membership: For just $36/year, one person saves $461 per year.

Family Membership: For just $72/year, up to six members save $1064 per year.

Are you ready to start saving up to 85% on your prescriptions?

First, Sign-up now and you will get instant access to our Kroger RX Savings Club card. And, you will get one card in the mail too. Through the card, you can save up to 85% on your prescriptions.

Bottom Line:

When you join the club, you can see how much you can save with Kroger RX Savings Club on your prescriptions. Here, club members enjoy prizes so low, they often beat insurance co-pays. As they support those impacted by COVID-19, they are experiencing longer than normal call wait times. They encourage you to take advantage of their online self-services. For more information, join the club or call 1-855-912-6346 for help signing up.

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