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The United States has developed a set of supports to help low-income families, seniors, children, and people with disabilities. The government has framed assistance programs to provide financial and other assistance during the coronavirus pandemic and other times of need.

These programs are administered by the federal government alone or in partnership with states. Americanresourceguide.com analyses the needs of each individual and family separately to get the exact assistance needed. Hence you can gain 100% free access to resources designed to assist struggling individuals and families!

What are the Financial Assistance Covered? 

You can find financial assistance from the Americanresourceguide.com for:


American Resource Guide – Your Financial Help Resource Center

Billions available for help to American families! You can learn more about the programs and resources available to you and your family.

Financial Education

American Resource Guide isn’t just present you with resources and opportunities. Their goal is to educate you on your personal and family finances and it is the best way to assist you in establishing a better financial situation.

Financial Resources

Discover programs that can assist with financial woes, debt, credit repair, loan qualification, and much more! American Resource Guide has the tools you need to put your financial problems behind you.

Credit Building and Management

Building up or repairing your credit score and profile is absolutely a vital part of your financial success. They not only educate you about the importance of a good credit profile, but they also provide you with the tools and offers to help get you there.

Furthering Your Education

Going back to school is not easy. With American Resource Guide you are not going to be left alone during the process. They will help you find the right school based on your current education, degree goals, and career aspirations. In addition to that, Financial Aid is available to a wide range of applicants and some candidates may receive up to $6,195* in government grants to pursue their education goals.

Job Placement and Career Advancement

The job market is never easy to navigate. With so much competition and only a handful of jobs, you must stand out from the rest of the pack. American Resource Guide will send you multiple opportunities to search for local jobs, apply for jobs you are interested in, and help you grow in your career.

American Resource Guide is a privately held for-profit entity and has no affiliation or relationship with the United States Government or U.S. Department of Education. American Resource Guide offers links to other third-party websites and services as helpful resources to locate internet content that may be of interest to you. 

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