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Paying a mortgage can be stressful, especially during this pandemic. Statistics say that 63% of US homeowners have some of their mortgage left to repay. People grapple to pay monthly payments and begin to stress over their life. In this case, a mortgage relief program would give them a financial boost. Therefore, a refinance could put money back into the pockets of qualified homeowners!

Know About The Congress’ Mortgage Relief Program For The Middleclass

The middle-class mortgage stimulus program comes with many advantages and helps avail lower rates for qualified homeowners. If you owe less than $331,760 on your home, use Congress’s mortgage relief program. You may be shocked when you see how much you could save! 

How Mortgage Relief Refinance Programs Work?

The idea behind a mortgage relief refinances program is to help homeowners lower their mortgage rates. In turn, their monthly payments become more affordable. Relief refinance incentives have helped millions of homeowners avoid mortgage delinquencies and even foreclosure this way.

To understand a mortgage relief refinance, you have to understand these two things first:

  • The lower your mortgage rate is, the lower your monthly payment is. The goal of a relief refinance is to drop a homeowner’s interest rate enough that they can once again afford their mortgage payments
  • Your ability to refinance depends on your home value. When home values fall, homeowners may be unable to refinance into a lower rate and payment. A relief refinance solves this issue

Typically, homeowners can’t refinance unless their mortgage is below a certain loan-to-value ratio.

Refinance Lenders Who Can Help You Lower Your Monthly Payments

LowerMyBills help you compare top mortgage lenders to find out which refinance programs and mortgage rates make the most sense to improve your financial situation.

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