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Simple Mobile Banking offers free, online checking accounts designed to be used by using your smartphone. You can do your banking anywhere, anytime and you will have instant access to check account balances and transfer funds.

Why Simple Mobile Banking?

  1. No Monthly Fees – Yes, you will enjoy no monthly payment as long as you meet certain direct deposit requirements.
  2. Easy & Convenient – Access your account 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from your smartphone! You can do all the bank transactions you need in an instant!
  3. Security & Protection – You can be sure that your account is safe and secure with Simple Mobile Banking. Mobile Banking is also more secure and risk-free than traditional online banking.

Why get a mobile banking account?

Mobile banking is becoming more important in our world today especially that we are experiencing pandemics. It is more convenient to transact using our smartphones and lessen the hassle to personally go to the bank every time you have transactions.

There are so many advantages in using mobile banking such as:

  • Accessing the bank 24/7 – Let’s you access your account 24/7
  • Optimizing your money – The apps help you with the incoming and spending of your money by giving you alerts
  • Paying IOUs – It’s easy to pay and transfer money to any bank accounts
  • Strengthening security – There are safety precautions you can make to even strengthen your security
  • Providing added controls – The app lets you deposit a check and send someone money whenever you wish plus more features
  • Offering clarity of where your financial data is going – The bank will help you with your finances by providing data so that you will be able to see your money flow
  • Giving you tailored options – Mobile banking provides a variety of options catered for you

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