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Do you already enjoy driving your car all day long? How about making some extra cash while doing what you love? Stickr.co is a vehicle advertising company that lets you earn money up to $2,300 for promoting local businesses by sticking a brand decal on your back window. Join Stickr.co!

How do you earn for promoting businesses?

 Stickr.co is an opportunity available in all fifty states which have partnered with real brands that would pay you to advertise on your car. While advertising businesses that are looking to increase their exposure, you could earn cash and $50-$175 gift cards to restaurants available in your area. Click to become a driver!

Will the decal be a hindrance while driving?

 The decal provided by the Stickr.co is made of the highest quality perforated vinyl which makes it completely see-through from the inside of the car. It is simple to apply and it leaves no sticky residues making it easy to remove and switch between campaigns at your desire.

 What are the benefits available for stickr.co-drivers?

  • Stickr.co doesn’t have any vehicle or mile restrictions allowing the driver to earn at their will
  • It doesn’t expect its drivers to change their driving route so that their drivers can work within their location
  • Drivers get an exclusive discount on group rate insurance and car repairs aiding to save an average of 54% on insurance and car warranty. Sign up now!

FREE membership!

The monthly membership at Stickr.co is free after your decal installation. Initially, you’re supposed to pay $10 as a deposit for your decal each month which you will receive back with the gift cards and your earnings while you submit your photo proving that you have properly placed your decal on the back window. Click to sign up for membership!


Most of the ways to get paid to drive your car have similar requirements. To get a membership to advertise on your car-

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must have a valid driver’s license
  • Auto insurance that’s an inactive state
  • You must have a clean driving record

Are you interested? Sign up!

If you’re searching for some interesting ways to make extra money, we’d recommend you to join Stikr.co today! To sign up –

  • Visit Stickr.co
  • Enter your zip/postal code
  • Select the estimated miles you drive per year
  • Tell whether your vehicle is insured or not. If yes, select the person who holds the insurance
  • Select the year of the vehicle and the option to determine your current working status.
  • Finally submit your first name, last name, email address and, phone number if required. Join Campaign to earn! 

How will you get paid?

  • On signing up, you can join the advertising community by selecting the campaigns at your interest.
  • Campaign earnings from all the drivers on a campaign are pooled together.
  • The earnings from the campaigns are divided among all the participating drivers each month. Advertise on your car!

To ensure your participation and to get paid for every campaign advertisement, make sure to verify the installation of the decal by sending a photo of the decal properly placed on your back window. Click to join and earn extra cash up to $2,300!

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