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Are you looking for a Medicare plan now? We recommend Trump Care Medicare as your best Medicare plan. Yes, you heard us. President Trump has laid out a plan to privatize Medicare and undermine the program. Under this plan, seniors have more freedom in choosing their coverage.

The Goal of Trump Care Medical Plans:

Their goal is to help demystify the confusing landscape of Medicare plans and help match you with a plan that best fits your needs and budgets. With this, there is a plan called “American Patients First” plan which aims to lower prescription drug prices for consumers.

Apply online and get free quotes:

  • Go to the website and find the online form to fill out all the details.
  • Submit to get free quotes from Medicare providers.

What are the Medicare Plans in Trump Care Medicare?

  1. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans:

Help pay for “gaps” in original Medicare includes minimal standard coverages.

  1. Medicare Part-C Plans:

Which replace traditional Medicare with any of managed care style program that requires little or no out of pocket payments.

  1. Medicare Part-D Plans:

Which cover the cost of outpatient prescription drugs and supplement either traditional Medicare or, in some cases, part-c managed care plan.

Enrollment Period:

Most American Citizens and legal residents become eligible for Medicare coverage when you turn 65 years old. The initial enrollment period for Medicare actually starts three months before you turn 65. So, you can start applying for and setting up your coverage, when you are 64 and nine months.

What are the advantages of Trump Care Medicare?

  • You will get free quotes and there is no obligation.
  • Compare plans.
  • Your time and money will be saved.


President Trump is giving more importance to Senior Citizens and their Medicare plans. Seniors need better protection against out-of-pocket medical costs and better access to care providers.

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