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Were you or a loved one sexually abused in the Boy Scouts of America? You may be entitled to a Financial Settlement. The Boy Scouts of America have filed for bankruptcy.  There is only a limited time to file a claim, which could result in a financial settlement. The Sentinal Group will help you to see if you qualify.

The Boy Scouts of America files for Bankruptcy.

According to CNN, “The Boy Scouts of America faced hundreds of lawsuits from alleged sexual abuse victims across the country — all of which are now suspended because of the bankruptcy filing.”  The only relief will be a short window in which victims can file claims in United States Bankruptcy Court.  

Do I Have a Case Against The BSA?

Child abuse if a terrible crime, which can cause lasting pain and suffering.  We realize it is very difficult for you to share your story of abuse with anyone. The Sentinal Group experts understand the sensitivity and confidentiality required to have such conversations. They are here to help provide answers. 

The Sentinal Group is currently reviewing claims against the Boy Scouts of America. They may be able to help you achieve a significant financial settlement, as we have done with other survivors.

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