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Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the world. So, if you or your loved one were affected by cancer because of taking Zantac products, they might be entitled to financial compensation. Visit the page consumerattention.com, learn more, and get the benefits.

What is Zantac used for?

Zantac 150mg Tablet is a medicine that reduces the amount of excess acid made by your stomach. It is used to treat and prevent heartburn, indigestion, and other symptoms caused by too much acid in the stomach. It is also used to treat and prevent stomach users, reflux disease, and other rare conditions.

What type of cancer does Zantac cause?

It is classified as a B2 carcinogen, meaning it is a probably human carcinogen. Exposure to a large amount of NDMA is thought to cause gastric or colorectal cancer, according to the World Health Organization.

Free case evaluation:

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with cancer after using Zantac? If people are there you know, ask them to approach consumerattention.com for free cause evaluation. And they might be entitled to financial compensation. This is the right time to speak out for your rights and financial compensation.

Three steps to solve your problems:

If you are affected with cancer after using Zantac, you can find out if you qualify for financial compensation in 3 steps for your peace of mind.

Check your eligibility: Select if you or your loved one taken Zantac or a generic form of Zantac? And select the disease.

Contact Information: Enter your first name, last name, email address, phone number, and click “Submit”.

Submit: Once you submit the details, a representative will contact you shortly.

Note: By clicking “Check Eligibility” you should consent to receive calls, text messages, or pre-recorded messages from consumer attention or its partners, affiliates, services providers, and clients via automated technology.

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